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Thread: 1951 Willys Pick Up

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    A. Timken rear end, heavy duty - hard to find parts for. Open it up and look at it! (See pictures)

    B. All of those fenders had the same stress cracks.

    C. Aftermarket rear bumper. There was nothing on the rear end from the factory, but a lot of added hitches.

    D. There is a stub of a radio antenna on the left front. Someone may have cobbed a radio into the dash.

    E. The Hook? Maybe a hat rack?

    F.. Uhggg ... bed is rough.
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    I'm not sure if this question can be answered without seeing it in person or not. On my drive shaft it looks like it has small pit marks on it. Kind of like the texture of an orange. Is this something that I should replace or is this safe enough to put back on?
    No doubt others have run across this before.

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