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Thread: I have a CJ5 and I have a question about what engine to get

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    I have a CJ5 and I have a question about what engine to get

    Hello Everyone. I recently purchased a Jeep Willys CJ5 from my friend for $1000. I though it was a pretty good deal after only doing a quick google search.

    After replacing the fuel filters and the carburetor I was able to get it to start and run. I was told by the previous owner that a new rod bearing and new head was needed so it would be best to either rebuild the engine or just get a new one. (does that sound right)?

    If that does sound right can anyone please recommend the best engine for me (one that wont break the bank)

    I am new to this, but really enjoying it can you please be detailed/specific in your reply

    Thank you

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    Let us see the view from the front. What engine does it have now - depending on year it could be an F-134 or the 225-V6.

    Now, if it starts and runs, does it make strange noises like a rod bearing clattering around? Getting a crank turned isn't that big a deal - certainly less expensive than a new engine. And, I ask - why a new head, cracked?

    I would suggest you let someone with Jeep experience look it over. You might have a diamond there - not just a lump of coal.

    (Rebuilt F-134's run about $3K, good machine shop rebuilds run about the same).
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    I am working on getting a engine picture up here.

    My cj5 has a F134 hurricane engine.

    It starts up well and runs and it makes a horrible person nocking sound. It also blows a blue smoke on start up and also acceleration.

    I had a good friend look at it and he thinks it is a rod nock. if you touch the block while the Jeep is running you can feel the knocking sound.

    He said that you have to do a engine rebuild/ new engine.

    I received quotes to rebuild the engine at 4k. I am exploring purchasing a engine and installing it myself with help from my father inlaw.

    What engine would you suggest? Research that I did said the buick v6 or Chevy 283. Would I also have to replace the transmission or are there conversation plates?

    Thanks. I hope that is enough Info for you.

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