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Thread: Will @46 willys CJ 2

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    Will @46 willys CJ 2

    Baught a 46 cj2 this summer. Live in the Nashville area.Going to be a driver. every thing under the hood starting with the block is all new. Now to remove the saganaw stearing and go back to origional. Then to remove the off road 44 rear end & go back to std.

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    Will, if you need an original steering column and gear box. I am about three hours from you, in Alabama. I pulled it out of a 47 that had a half cab. The body and frame were too far gone, but everything that was inside the cab was good. The steering wheel and horn button are even in descent shape. I also have a stock rear end for a 2A, but the pinion bearing is toast. No noise or any problems when the rear end was installed. I found the bearing slop when I serviced the U-joints. I didn't have the time or space for a rear end rebuild, so I swapped it for another I had. Just haven't had the time to go through it.
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