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Thread: Front axle Dana 44

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    Gmwillys was right. The axle has been changed. Somebody removed the factory axle, probley a Dana 25, and installed a Dana 44 spicer. The Dana 44 is a much better axle so this was a plus. Had trouble finding grease grade 0 which must be used on the front wheels. Had to special order it at 25.00 per can and it took two cans per wheel. As soon as I hook up the power steering I will be finished.

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    Most likely, the 44 axle came from a International Scout II. Throughout the seventies, they were one of the biggest consumers of axles that are close to the width of your FC. My knowledge of Scouts are limited to the 80 series, and the '67 1200B series pickup truck 2WD. All that I can say is that they were different from anything else out there at the time. The scout ran a slant 4 152 c.i. engine, (half of their v-8 engine literally). The 1200 B was a low rider's dream. It was a 3/4 ton, but sat low to the ground. It had the 266 v-8, with three on the tree. Long story short, International may have specked out the axle size, therefore that's why the seal didn't fit correctly?

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