View Full Version : 1960 PU w/Ford 302, Warn OD, Ramsey PTO Winch & Rear Posi - Springfield, Oregon

11-13-2013, 10:20 PM
After a Long absence, I'm back into the Willys/Jeep world.

I'm a 68 year-old retired truck driver (and later a draftsman) living Oregon, where everything rusts (check out the poor truck).

In the past I've owned a '51 CJ3a, '61 SW (installed Chev 283), '42 GP (powered by Ford 289), '63 SW (powered by Ford 289) & '61 FC170 stake bed (installed Ford 300-6).

I bought a 1960 PU that was once owned by the Bonneville Power Admin. This is a good example of the old adage, "rode hard, put away wet". There isn't a straight, undamaged piece of sheet metal on it. If I were to try and repair any part of the body, I wouldn't be able to stop until it was all replaced. i.e., fix the fenders but then they wouldn't fit the damaged cab, etc, etc, . . . . . (check out the back bumper).

No problem, I'm going to enjoy & use it pretty much as it is, once I get it running.


They don't work & my experience is that the master cylinder & wheel cylinders will have to be replaced (pitted too badly to hone out and install kits). The metal brake lines are very rusty & the flexible lines are very bad so they all will need to be replaced. I'm thinking it could run $600+. If I'm putting in $600+ I want better brakes. Probably go the Ford 1/2 ton brake route. These new kits have self-adjusting brakes but I really don't want that. Anyone have some or all of the necessary parts?


I've had it running but the carb obviously needs attention. The problem is turns over slowly, like it's dragging somewhere. New battery & rebuilt starter. PO did replace the clutch but never got it running. That has me a little worried. Wonder if he screwed up the clutch installation somehow.

Dan Koozer

11-14-2013, 05:50 PM
You have your work cut out for you here...I don't think that brakes will cost anywhere near $600...the master cylinder and all four wheel cylinders can be changed for a fraction of that $600, and all steel tubing can be had at NAPA for around $35....three flex lines are close to $30 each...and brake shoe prices vary, none are wallet busters...now this truck most likely has gears around 4.88:1 or so, it won't be going anywhere near the speed of other vehicles around you...changing brakes to the Ford units would be an upgrade, but lots of work...stock brakes in great shape would be just fine...as far as slow cranking speed, are all ground cables in place ?..does your battery have enough cold cranking amps ? (CCAs)...pull the plugs and crank the engine over...squirt some WD40 into the cylinders...see if it cranks faster...is the engine oil too thick?...you get the idea....Best of luck with your truck, Dan. P.S....I love the holes in the bonnet !