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02-19-2014, 03:54 PM
Hey yall! New to the forum and I'm looking at a 53 CJ3B and need some input. From what I can tell it's priced pretty fairly but figured I'd ask the experts before jumping on it! I plan on using it as a toy...and a little cruising around town. It's 6 hours away, But here is what I know from talking to the guy.
-Body has little to no rust. No rotted out floor pans or wheel wells.
- 69'-79' Chevy 350. Holley Carb with headers. no smokes no leaks
-T-18 heavy duty transmission supposedly out of a heavy duty military truck
-he thinks it has 5.38 gears. Not sure what axles.
-racing bucket seats with 5 point harnesses
-dual gas tanks both leak free
-all electrical works
-brakes upgraded to heavy duty hydraulic drum brakes
-hydraulic clutch, good condition
-fresh grease
-4x4 and hubs work well
-full roll cage
-comes with usuable soft top and doors
-tires are in fair condition, and come with an extra set
-asking $2900
-clear title

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02-20-2014, 10:45 AM
Hi Clay10_B, the link to the photos is dead. Try posting it again for us.

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It looks like the site is down for maintenance right now. I'll try again later.