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03-11-2014, 10:55 AM
Hey guys; I have a background of restoring British sports cars and muscle cars (just finishing my 68 charger) but I am also a huge ww2 and history buff and have always thought an old jeep would be cool, as it combines 2 passions for me restoring old vehicles and history.
Anyway I have found a 47 jeep cj2A locally that has a solid tub, everything is there and it comes with boxes of new parts as well. Also, the engine was professionally rebuilt 2 years ago and not reinstalled. I guess an older gentleman owned it and was going to do the resto but passed away once he had the engine done. Another guy bought it off him to finish, and it has sat for a year and now he has to move within the week and doesn't have any storage space at his new place.
The jeep has been painted 3 times (looks like yellow originally, then red, then black) but at least it is solid underneath. I paid just over 1K for it which I feel was a good buy.

I'll stop rambling but I thought I'd paint a picture of what I am starting with for you guys as I am sure I will be posting lots of questions for you guys that know these vehicles better than I do.

I am a firefighter in Western Canada by the way.

03-13-2014, 02:44 PM
Hi fireguyfire,
Welcome to the forum and feel free to post some pictures for us! It does sound like you got a good deal on that CJ-2A.