View Full Version : M38A1 Transmission or Transfer Case?

John D.
04-30-2014, 11:24 PM
Here's my situation: With transfer case in the "Out Position" and the "High Low" in neutral, no vehicle movement in any gear. With transfer case in either "In or Out Position" and the High Low" in "High" vehicle movement in all gears. Transmission and transfer case fluids recently changed. Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts or suggestions

05-01-2014, 07:10 AM
i`m not sure just what your asking here. from what i understand everything is working ok.

you have 3 gear levers.

main gear box = 1st
= 2nd
= 3rd
= reverse

transfer case lever 1 (4x4) = " out " is normal 2 wheel drive = rear axle is driven
= " in " is 4 wheel drive selected + both axle driven.

transfer case lever 2 = " high " is for normal road speeds
= " neutral " no axles driven . used when operating PTO driven machinery like a winch etc.
= " low " is for slow speed work like rock climbing etc.

you should be able to drive the vehical with the transfer case in either high or low , with or without the 4x4 lever engaged. this effectively give you 6 speeds in both 2 and 4 wheel drive modes. and 2 reverse speeds.

John D.
05-01-2014, 11:27 PM
You know, you are right. For some reason I was thinking "High or Low" where just for 4x4 operation. Thanks for taking the time to straighten me out.