View Full Version : Leuven from Grand Rapids, Michigan

07-14-2014, 09:47 AM
I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I do a lot of wheeling in Northern Michigan.

1946 CJ2A ‘Willy Maykit’ - Chevy 153. It came with a Saginaw 4 speed behind it and I replaced that with a T90/Dana 18 Combo. The body was rough but we fixed that and it is getting ready for paint soon. It is staying mostly stock as far as looks.

1948 CJ2A ‘Lucille’ - Recent pickup that has been nothing but trouble. Engine was rebuilt but having issues so that is going in under warranty. Hope to have that back in soon. Its going to need some body work that will likely get done over the winter but is pretty solid. All original including 6 volt electrical.

1953 CJ3B ‘Shirley’ - My grandmothers 1953 CJ3B. Currently not running but plan to get it running this winter. It is in amazing shape.

I am purchasing a huge lot of jeeps sometime in the next few weeks which includes an MB and 2 GPW’s. Excited to finally get into the military jeeps.