View Full Version : Solex carb part needed!

12-09-2014, 03:36 PM
I have a 53 CJ3B. I bought a new solex carb. It arrived with a broken idle adjustment plate. This is the plate that holds the idle adjustment screw. I will return it, if I can not find the replacement part, but Id rather not do that. Does anyone have an old solex laying around that they are not going to use? I would like to grab that part from you if you do. Thanks for looking.

07-19-2015, 08:03 AM
I will check on that part for you. After pulling the motor out of my recently purchased "project" found rod thrown thru side of block. Now looking to put in a V8. So I have that carb and a rebuild kit for it.

07-23-2015, 05:01 PM
Hey checking back with you and I don't have the part for you. Sorry