View Full Version : restoring new (OLD) m38a1

01-21-2015, 10:28 PM
Having this m38a1 redone, but not going full military with it, though the final color scheme will have a military flare (sand body with od top, doors, frame, and bumpers). Boy do these projects take a lot of vision! I give you guys here credit, some of the work you do is incredible. Its amazing how much time, effort, decision making, and $$$ it takes to do a restoration. I picked up a Meyers steel 1/2 top that needs some work, with doors and a full cab (needs rust restoration, but good glass), as well as a second Meyers full top w/ doors (no rust). I will keep the better full top and door set, along with the 1/2 top and sell the rest. The entire body and frame was just sandblasted stem to stern. Hope to have it back and completed (Is a Willys ever actually completed?) by sometime in March/April.