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Chad Ramsey
01-27-2015, 01:28 AM
814I have a 1950 CJ3A. I purchased it approximately 20 years ago. I have always liked the way the flat fender jeeps looked. When I pruchased it, it was in stock fair condition. I drove it around for a few years and taught friends and family members how to dirve with it. It provoked conversations where ever I went. I got the bug to put more power in it. I purchased an adaptor from a friend to put a V-6 in it. I was exicted and immediatly tore the engine out and tossed the parts in the corner of the garage along with the little pieces, just to find out that the adaptor did not fit the year of my jeep. (Lesson learned)

I was frustrated that I just tore my Jeep apart. I lost interest in the Jeep. It sat in that conditin for a couple of years. I then had two children and I wanted them to experience "The Jeep Thing." I gathered the parts and put the jeep back together with its original engine. It was easier than I thought. Before long were were enjoying the jeep again.

Since then, I have put a Buick tilt steering colum and a manual Saginaw steering box in it to replace the worn steering parts. (I kept the original steering parts just in case) The steering column bolted up to the firewall and the dash without any modifications. I put a 2" Rancho spring lift on it with 31 X 10.50 tires ,converted it to a 12 volt electircal system, and put a Bestop "Tiger Top" on it. I think I am ready to take it apart now and restore it. Oh yea, It also has a full roll cage in it.