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02-16-2015, 02:51 PM
When I bought this Willy's, it did not have a body tag. The previous owner told me it was a CJ3a. It appears to be a CJ3a, but now that I have it running and driving, i'm getting ready to get it titled and I want to be 100% sure. I also want to get a reproduction body tag to put back on. Also, every one says there is a serial # on the frame, but I have not been able to locate to. Any ideas where I should be looking? Thanks in advance.

02-17-2015, 12:11 PM
It appears to be a CJ3A. The windshield is 3A but this will also fit the 2A. The rear wheel wells are slightly shorter on the 3A but I don't know the measurements. It doesn't have the bow holders on the left side like the 2As. I believe the 2A had bumper gussets to attach the front bumper two. The 3A bolted directly to the frame like yours.

51 CJ3
02-18-2015, 09:05 PM
I was reading somewhere a week or 2 ago the CJ3A did not have a serial number on the frame. A couple of years ago I read there was a serial number plate on the frame somewhere on the left front and tonight I read there was a serial number on the back bumper. I have not been able to locate any evidence of a serial number or a missing plate on my CJ3A frame or bumper. They all had a serial number plate on the right side, upper part of the firewall. One of the things I found to help identify mine was the way the left front engine mount is attached. Here is a couple of links that may help:
http://www.kaiserwillys.com/about_willys_jeep_cj3a_history_specs?gclid=CJPMxvb z7MMCFQmpaQodlHEACg


Go Joe
04-28-2015, 12:23 AM
That tag on the firewall should be all you need. Kaiser Willy's has a chart on their website where you can look it up and find the year. I bought an old CJ5 last fall with no title. To get a new title I had to know the year. I used that number on the firewall and found out it was a 1956. There is also a number stamped in the top of the block just above the water pump on the F head engines. I haven't looked at a flat head engine but it's probably there too.