View Full Version : Trouble Starting CJ3-B

03-30-2015, 09:13 AM
I am having issues getting my 1954 CJ3-B with a Carter YF 6096SA carb to start. I recently cleaned the carb thinking it was the main cause. I believe it may have been a part of it since I cleaned about 1/4" of slime out. After soaking it and using a rebuild kit I cannot get the jeep to start. I can get it to start by using carb cleaner but it will not stay running. there is fuel being pumped in and I believe the float bowl is full since eventually the fuel stops being pumped. I do see the carb is spraying fuel in from the accelerator pump when the pedal is pressed but I cannot get it to even attempt to start without the carb cleaner. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

03-30-2015, 10:02 AM
Seems like it is still not getting fuel from the pump, pull the line off where it goes into the carb, and have someone turn the motor over and see if fuel is coming out of the now open line. I put a see thru in line fuel filter on mine so that I can actually see the fuel going to the carb.....good luck, Butch.

03-31-2015, 08:42 AM
I think I may have found the issue. I removed the Carburetor a few weeks back after determining it maybe the root of the issues that were causing the Jeep not to start over the winter. Throughout the winter I was able to start it but it did not run for long until eventually it would not start at all. I knew the carb needed a deep clean and gaskets replaced.

So yesterday I pulled the float out and made sure gas was in the bowl which there was. As I did this I thought to myself that I have not filled the tank with gas all winter. I added gas to the tank thinking some fresh gas might help. The stuff in there was a bit discolored so I thought it might be going bad. I tried starting it a few more times with no success. Finally I had it and I pulled the float off and sprayed Carb Cleaner into the bowl with the gas, replaced the float and turned the key. It started and ran for 10 mins before I turned it off and kicked myself a few times..... BAD GAS............