View Full Version : Restoring Ham's '48 Willys - Let's Go...

04-07-2015, 04:14 PM
OK, take a deep breath - maybe the crises are about over. My shop owner's dad is improving after hip surgery and things are getting back to normal - whatever normal is in a restoration job.

Progress in getting the front axle put back together. The bushings and king pins are back in place, but there is a stinkin' tapered pin that just isn't right. The pin that came with the replacement kit is a bit small (we don't think we boogered up the hole getting the old pin out - both pins don't fit exactly the same - wrong - way <figure that out>?). We made a new pin, but it's not just right yet. The front end was worn pretty badly where parts had rubbed together over the years - it took a LOT of shims to get things right (see the shim picture).

But, the good news is that that broken bolt came out of the differential nicely. We took an end mill and turned the bolt onto a roll pin, then put a easy-out into the cavity. It came right out. Drilled the head on a replacement bolt, put it back in and really safety wired it this time! Try to get away this time - you little turkey!

Maybe in early May we'll finally be ready to go to the supermarket for Willys parts over in Toledo for some stuff.