View Full Version : Ham's '48 Pickup: F-head Vacuum Line Routing

07-04-2015, 07:17 AM
Ham's '48 truck has an F-head engine in it. Of course it's not original to the truck, but Jeeps get items like engines swapped all of the time. (In fact, we suspect that the whole steering column and shift mechanism is later than the truck itself).

But, since the engine got swapped out, and there is no real information that we can find - does anyone out there have a picture or a description of how the original vacuum lines were routed on the F-head engines?

A. There is the line from the intake manifold to the booster pump. Is it routed toward the front or to the rear of the engine?

B. Same question about the "boosted vacuum" for the wiper motor.

C. How is the carburetor vacuum connected to the distributor? Is this a flex line to allow the distributor to be rotated to set timing?

Thanks for any help you folks can give.