View Full Version : 1969 Jeep CJ5 Back From Dead--Almost

09-17-2015, 07:39 AM
I saved this gem from certain death or parting out. Nothing special with an F-head 4, T-90 and Dana 27/44 with 4.27's.
It was all complete with some new and spare parts. It did not run. That was the first of my own rules I broke. Anyway, I brought it home and filled the cylinders with Mystery oil. Let it soak for days, turning the crank by hand a little every so often. Found it had compression, was not stuck. Got a battery, oil pressure gauge, put on the supplied carb and changed the coil and points. After a make shift gas can and starter switch hookup, it fired right off. Smoked like a steam train. My wife ran out and gave me the business, but I was smiling too loud to hear her. After a few more warmups like that, it cleared up and that little coffee grinder idled like a tractor. I left that part of it and started stripping the body. Four coats of paint, bondo and glue from a previously ripped out indoor/outdoor carpet. Nasty Sh#$t I tell you.
I pulled the tub with a neighbors' help, no fancy lift or cranes here. I set it on 2 Harbor Freight dollys and slid it against the wall. I'm limited on room here at the condo.
On to the frame. Surprisingly, it is in great shape being its South Florida. No rust and minimal scale in rear . Straight too. Another hurdle done. Now for years of dirt and grime removal. I limited my budget here and don't have any big tools, so I scraped by hand. I pulled the rear end and checked it. Good bearings, gear pattern. So, new seals, bushings, brakes and lines.1002100310041005

09-17-2015, 07:48 AM
10071007After pulling the transfer case, things got interesting. The main shaft had wobbled around so long, I had to have it torched out. No worries though. I'll mule another down from Ct. along with a spare T-90. 1006
The T-90 was in better shape with just some pitted rollers, a chipped reverse idler and in need of bearings and seals. I got away lucky.

09-17-2015, 07:51 AM
1010A few more pics of the tub 1009
I've seen a lot worse.