View Full Version : Taking the 64 plunge a little advice??

10-08-2015, 10:35 AM
Hello fellow jeepsters my name is Steve, recently my girlfriend acquired her families farm/snowplow jeep (1964 with hurricane 4 cyl) Its been sitting for quite a long time , needless to say mucho rusto, We will be replacing tub and fenders with fiberglass, frame is good shape just a lot of surface rust, nothing sandblasting can't handle. I have yet to start it but her father said when it was finally parked years ago it was running at the time. I plan to try to start it before we tackle body and frame., etc. that being said what should i do to prep motor before I attempt to start, there is oil in it ,plugs seem decent, carb is clean. I just want to know are there any typical hurricane gremlins I should have a heads up on or some old timer trick to bring this old timer to start. BTW I own a cj5 with a 258ci. I'm pa pretty hand Jeep owner myself. Thanks in advance !!