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12-21-2015, 01:23 PM
Hi everyone,

I am new to this thread, but not new to the Willy's organization. My father and I restored a 53 CJ3B a few years back and its been a great beach car. About a year ago, we had an issue where the jeep was sucking in pieces of rust, dust, sand, etc from the gas tank into the carburetor. The problem would be that we would be driving down the road at 35mph and all of a sudden the engine would cut out. Sometimes you could roll start it and have it fire back up while sputtering, and all of a sudden it would be as if a hair ball was coughed up and then it was running perfectly again. This has happened on more than a handful of occasions. To fix this problem, we replaced the whole gas tank with a brand new one, which the problem still happened. Then we put a fuel filter in the fuel line between the tank and the carb. Problem still happened except there didn't seem to be anymore particles in the system. We are now dumbfounded and cannot figure out what is causing the jeep to have this issue. If we replace the carb and the fuel pump, are we looking at all components fixed? We know its an issue with gas getting into the engine.

Perhaps someone has had this problem or seen it before.

Appreciate the help.


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12-21-2015, 10:05 PM
Are you 100% certain this is a fuel problem? Usually when an engine cuts out due to fuel it doesn't act like the switch was turned off....its usually more of a quick loss of power until the engine quits. Its difficult to diagnose it without actually being there, but this actually sounds more like an ignition problem. It sounds as if you have either an intermittent short to ground or possibly a faulty connection or broken wire. The give away on this is the "hairball being coughed up" lol.....I think the vibration of the sputtering may be shaking the wiring enough to cause the intermittent fault to "fix" itself for a short period of time. Hope this makes sense and helps you.