View Full Version : Restoring Ham's 48 Willys; More Bits and Pieces

02-12-2016, 08:36 AM
“Everybody knows…” that Willys-Overland stamped the serial number of the engine on the boss at the front of the engine just behind the water pump. Here is the boss on my F-head 134. I have looked at the surface and I can’t decide if someone has machined the stamped number off, or if – gasp – it wasn’t stamped at all.

Another “I wonder why they did that” question . Look at the square corroded place just to the right between #1 and #2. There is another place just like this under the base of the dial indicator. When you look at the head, there are two square water passages in it that match up to the corroded place, and the head gasket has a hole for a water passage. But, there is nowhere in the block for water to go. There is another smaller, similar place at the lower left front of the block.

The second picture is the head itself, showing the unused passages.

Awww mannn… things like this make you wonder too much. Were there different block and head configurations that could mix and match? I have seen Jeeps with “Kaiser Supersonic” L-heads on them.