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04-01-2016, 07:24 AM
Hello I am new to the group I just got my jeep out of storage after about 15 years. It has been in climate controlled storage and ran when parked. It has no fuel in the system I put some oil in each cylinder and I am waiting a few days then I plan on cranking the motor with a wrench to see if she is free. Can anyone offer any advice on how to proceed further I don't want to damage anything if it isn't already.
Thank you in advance
1947 CJ2A

51 CJ3
04-07-2016, 07:19 PM
I don't know if it is the "right" thing to do or not but, if the engine turns, I would pull the plugs and see if you can build some oil pressure with the starter to get oil where oil needs to be before attempting a start. Was the carburetor drained when the Jeep was put in storage? If it had ethanol in it you may have some carburetor issues to sort out and there is always the possibility of seals, gaskets and the accelerator pump along with the fuel pump going bad when sitting dry but you won't know unless you inspect everything or go for the start. I hope it wasn't somewhere the mice could get in it.

Depending on how thorough you want to be, you could also jack it up and spin the wheels by hand to see what the bearings sound like. Not many things as hard on bearings as just sitting is. I change way more bearings on things that just sit than I do on things that are constantly in use.

04-08-2016, 08:29 AM
Congratulations... Let the adventure begin.

I'll be the pessimist here. Anything that could dry out, crack or deteriorate probably has. I'm just finishing up my '48 2WD truck restoration - it wasn't stored in as good an environment as yours - but here's my story.

Carburetor accelerator pump will need to be replaced - rebuild the carburetor. Fuel pump may or may not pump. I'd suggest you rebuild the one you have, new pumps often deliver 'way too much pressure for the carburetor to handle. Seals on the transmission will have dried out. Ditto grease seals on axles. Ditto all the rubber parts in the brakes. Seal on steering box will leak. (Steering box should have oil in it, not grease). Gas tank will have crud in it - and it will get into the fuel line.

Flush cooling system well. Thermostat - ? Seals on water pump may leak.

Change lube in transmission, transfer case, differential.

They're hardy little beasts, but after they've been sitting for 15 years, it takes more than just a shot of gas and a hot battery to get them running - at least properly.

But, they're 'way cool and a lot of fun!

Good Luck

04-16-2016, 05:02 PM
Oh, by the way - one more thing we just found.

Lube the speedometer cable. Things get weird when the cable sticks in the flex housing and the drive goes "whoop-whoop ...".

Who'd of thought of that ?

07-06-2016, 11:33 AM
I have played with a few flatheads in the past and found that sometimes during storage that a valve or two may stick upon startup. as it a flathed should be no harm done when running it. but we had to run one for ten min or so till all the valves moved again. on one flathead straight 8 we had to pull the head and tap the valves to get them loose but they all ran well afterwords

07-15-2016, 07:47 PM
""whoop-whoop ..."" just gotta like that description

07-15-2016, 07:49 PM
i am partial to marvel mystery oil about 1/4 cup down each hole, spin starter few times then let it sit,,,,, oil seems to soak in and get in the rings.