View Full Version : '53 Willys Wagon Engine Swap

05-11-2016, 03:04 PM
Hell everyone,

I'm new here and I'm hoping you can help me in my quest. I'm looking for a way to bolt up a Chevy 90 degree bellhousing to an old Jeep T-90 transmission. The Jeep currently has a cracked Chevy 235 straight 6, which has the dreaded 60 Degree bellhousing which, as I'm sure you know, won't bolt up to a newer Chevy engine.

I plan to pull a SBC V8 or perhaps a V6, although I would even consider a four banger. I can pull the bellhousing that goes with that engine at the same time, so I am not locked into any specific engine/bellhousing. although I do prefer Chevy. Mostly I am just looking for a way to bolt something right up to the old T-90 transmission without spending more on an adapter than the cost of the engine or even the cost of the jeep.

Is there any "modern" (70's, 80's, 90's) bellhousing that will mate with a T-90 Three Speed Manual Transmission without an adapter, or if an adapter is required a flat plate type adapter that puts the bolt holes in the appropriate location without having to change the input shaft or shaft guide/bearing, etc?

The vehicle is a 1953 Willys Wagon. The transmission and driveline are all original but a previous owner swapped in the Chevy 235 straight 6. The 235 has a crack in the block, so it definitaly needs to be replaced. I'm not looking to build a super off roader, just something to putt along some fairly flat dirt roads to get to the river to go fishing.