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06-08-2016, 04:27 PM
i remember as a high school kid you could get a kit that you could in fact put in new threads on existing piece. came with a drill bit to hone out hole and a device to put in the new threads. went to advance to see if available and the guy behind the counter could not understand that this is a common stud. he needed the year and make of the car. told him it was a postwar jeep made by willys and the enigne made by ford and it was a F134 4 cylinder engine. OF COURSE HE GOES TO THE COMPUTER!! AND THEN BRILLIANTLY SAYS DUH WE DONT HAVE THAT IN THE COMPUTER SORRY!!


since it on the very end of the rocker arm assembly any one see a reason that it could not go up a size in stud???
or anyone might see or remember the repair thread kit.1211

09-12-2016, 08:23 PM
The kit you are describing is called a "Helicoil"kit You need to find a Parts Person. Not a key jockey who couldn't find the blinker fluid jug to save its life.
Back in the hard times of the eighties, we would exchange a stripped 3/8s bolt with a 10mm and tap the hole with a metric tap. Extreme original fanatics will throw a fit at this idea. But when you have to be practical and need to get your baby going, maybe comprise is the answer.