View Full Version : Need help finding info on my 1962 Willys, please!

10-17-2016, 10:37 AM

I'm new to this forum and have a question for the audience.

My 1962 Willys SN# is 57348 79314

Can anybody tell me how to find certain info on it? Is there just a generic number range to see when it was produced or can I find individual information?

Thanks in advance for any information that you can provide!


-J. Cox

12-06-2016, 08:28 PM
Willys CJ-3B
Production 1953-1968
Body and chassis
Related Willys M606
Engine 134 cu in (2.2 L) Hurricane I4
Wheelbase 80 in (2,032 mm)[12]
Length 129.875 in (3,299 mm)[6]
The Willys CJ-3B replaced the CJ-3A in 1953, the same year Willys was sold to Kaiser. Kaiser removed "Overland" from the subcompany name. CJ-3B introduced a higher grille and hood to clear the new Willys Hurricane engine. A four-speed manual transmission became optional in 1963, at an extra cost of $194.[6] The turning radius was 17 ft 6 in (5.3 m).[13] The CJ-3B was produced until 1968 with a total of about 196,000 [14] produced, although the design was also licensed to a number of international manufacturers, including Mitsubishi of Japan and Mahindra of India. Mitsubishi's version was built from 1953 until 1998, while Mahindra continued to produce vehicles based on the Willys CJ-3B until October 1, 2010. The CJ-3B was also built by Türk Willys Overland. It was the first vehicle plant to be opened in Turkey, in 1954.[15] Mahindra's "Mahindra CJ" produced in 2 versions: 4-seater CJ 340 and 6-seater CJ 540. Both equipped with Peugeot-sourced 64 hp (48 kW; 65 PS) engines.[16]
The M606 was a militarized version of the Jeep CJ-3B.