View Full Version : 1956 CJ5 Speedometer gear in transfer case doesn't turn.

Go Joe
10-22-2016, 03:28 PM
My speedometer suddenly quit working. The gauge is new, the cable is good. The speedometer gear in the transfer case don't turn. Sometimes it will turn but most of the time it won't. I haven't tore it apart yet. I've never heard of a speedometer gear going bad. Has anyone else had this happen? The jeep doesn't have very many miles on it. It seems kind of weird.

Go Joe
11-09-2016, 05:34 PM
I found the problem. The speedometer drive gear on the output shaft is not keyed to the shaft. If the output yoke nut comes a little bit loose, that gear will just spin in the shaft. I also found out that there is a washer between that nut and the yoke that is missing. Easy fix.

11-10-2016, 12:56 PM
Write this one down - there are some easy fixes!