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06-17-2012, 06:12 PM

My name is Wolf and I have a 1952 M38A1 in excellent condition that I am putting a few finishing touches on; unfortunately, I can't really fit in my own jeep because I am too tall. Anyway, it had always been one of my dreams to own a classic jeep, even more so since I am still play Army, but I love the jeep despite not being able to drive it myself...my father in law loves working on it and driving it, though.

That being said, I have a few details I am trying to nail down--number one, the proper color for everything under the hood-- in case I need to have things painted; two, trying to trace my vehicle history as I have only gotten as far back as 1992; also still trying to splice my bumper rope.

Always looking for a trade, a new project, or willing to talk if anyone is interested in my jeep since ultimately I would love to have a vehicle I could fit in and see someone else with a passion for this jeep love it as much as I do...especially if they could actually drive it.


07-20-2012, 05:38 PM
Nice M38A1 !!!
I am working on the same here in west Tennessee... I hope that mine comes out looking as nice.