View Full Version : My Grandfathers 59 Jeep Truck with dump bed

01-03-2017, 07:40 AM
I remember riding in this jeep with my Grandfather when I was a young boy, going to the dump, plowing the driveway or hauling wood. My Uncle has had the jeep for the last 20 years and started to restore it with his Grandson a few years ago but the Grandson lost interest a short time in to the project. Two years ago my Uncle asked if I was interested in the project, at the time I was just starting to build my shop so I told him to hold on and I would take the Jeep when finished the shop. So I hauled it home over Thanksgiving Ct to Pa. I just pulled it in the shop and pulled the cab and the dump bed. I was always suspicious of the dump bed (figured my Grandfather built it) but low and behold it was built by Garwood truck bodies and installed by the dealer. The motor 266 flat 6 is currently at the machine shop, my Uncle is going to assemble. I told him that way I will remember him every time I start the Jeep and every time it doesn't start!
I live in Central PA. Will be looking for front fenders if anyone runs across some.
Here are some pictures: