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01-26-2017, 01:54 PM
Hello folks...Purchased a 1951 M38 in pieces last year and I'm attempting a frame-ff restoration. The engine was rebuilt by someone/previous owner, and I rebuilt the transmission and transfer case. I installed them in the frame last night and noticed that the left engine mount does not line up with the frame mounts. I plan to make some type of adapter or plate to allow the mount of both bolts/nuts. The transmission and transfer case mounts lined up perfectly, but the left motor mount is way off.

My question is, why doesn't the mounts line up with the engine? Could I have a bastardized M38, a CJ-3A frame or other. Or is the engine front plate from another engine/model type. since I purchased this jeep in pieces, I'm not sure what I got. Tools on right, windshield is one glass, fuel tank under driver seat.

BTW...the vehicle serial number is MC 22731. Any info will be helpful. If anyone else ran into this, how did you fix it?

I've attached pictures of both mounts, left, and right.

Thanks in advance!

01-27-2017, 12:43 PM
Hello Mark,
You have an M38 frame with staggered front mount pillars and you have a CJ2A/WWII Jeep engine front mount plate that uses the earlier frames with the two front mount pillars directly opposite each other. You will have to remove the crank pulley, timing cover and timing gears to swap the engine's front plate out for a correct staggered mount plate. Make sure you use the correct front plate which is modified to support the heavy 24 V generator and has an indentation on the left side so the larger m38 dual vac/fuel pump will fit.14121413

Wes K

01-27-2017, 12:58 PM
Looks like your mount rubbers are civilian. The M38 mount rubbers have an added steel plate on their bottom side to help retain the radiator support rods.The reason for this was the Army wanted to be able to replace the entire power plant (radiator to transfer case by pulling all together. To do this you unbolted the grill from the radiator and fenders and disconnected the light harness and tilted it forward and lifted it off. Then you disconnected all plumbing, wiring and linkage from the engine. Then you disconnected both drive shafts. Then you unbolted the two engine mount rubbers at the fram pillars and the two transfer/tranny mount rubbers at the rear cross member and pulled the entire power plant assembly. 1414