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02-04-2017, 02:04 PM
First off, I apologize for this question... I'm sure this question is right up there with something like 'which pedal is the accelerator' but being that this is my first experience with a carb, I gotta ask it.

I bought my M38 from a guy in Iowa were elevation is roughly 500'. I live up in the mountains were elevation is 5000' give or take. Using my non-existent carb knowledge, I believe that they need to be 'adjusted' to the elevation you are at otherwise it won't run well. Also, even in Iowa, the jep was running rich, which I believe is related to the carb, so I'm even more so worried about being up higher.

Is my thinking at least somewhat valid or I am I worried over nothing? I need to fix it running rich regardless (no idea on how to do that yet...) but the elevation piece is unknown.

Any input/advice/ridicule would be much appreciated!