View Full Version : 1947 Pick up

06-25-2012, 11:46 AM
Hello, I have a 1947 Willys Pick up. It is in the same poor condition that it was in when my dad bought it in 2004. Since then I have graduated college as a teacher and have my summers off, and my dad has basically given the truck to me. The engine runs great but it has no brakes. My current plans are to get the brakes working properly and fix any mechanical issues that pop up and use the truck as a hunting rig until I can put more effort into properly restoring the truck cosmetically. The turck is missing the bed and a reproduction is out of the question for now, does anyone have any good looking ideas for an inexpesive flat bed? The truck was converted to 12 volts some time ago and the original oil bath air cleaner has been replaced with a more modern air cleaner. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Also I am located in Alabama, if anyone knows a parts source close by let me know!