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07-10-2017, 12:21 PM
am in the process of getting a title for M38A1, the inspector wanted me to call him after the frame sandblasted, i said ok, but after getting it sand blasted i did not want it to sit anywhere with all the summer humidity, and have the thing turn orange so it has primer on it, He (mistakenly) says there is a ID stamp on the frame, i said the frame is only a part number for the end item. to back up my argument, i have located in the technical manual the location of the original ID from WILLY's and it is on the body behind passenger seat, and yes there it is and the serial number makes it made in 1952 first year of production. it is still there and i have the tech manual page highlighted in yellow for him to look at. should, key word is should, not have a problem, there are no numbers at all on the frame, but he can see that for himself and i even have it upside down. (not easy by myself). I know i will have to get a surety bond, that is not a problem only cost few dollars to get that from geico. then apparently the DMV will (after fees paid) create a title.. but this is only for NC other states????1546 hope he does not object to it being painted???


07-14-2017, 09:38 PM
update 0712 2017. the state DMV guy came out and inspected the frame, he originally told me that there has to be a serial number of VIN number on the frame, All vehicles produced in the usa have them there. Did not say a word, but I knew he was mistaken, so i had frame ready for his inspection. But, I had the tech manual and it specifically states that the serial number is on a plate located behind the passenger seat on the wheelwell, sure enough it is there and i had the manual open for him to read, he accepted that, and passed this part. He told me I now have to get two appraisals of worth or value. this gonna be fun!! Also said I could go ahead and get a Inoperable title now if i wished, and change it later. Also have to get a indemnity bond. gonna be a paperwork drill

07-23-2017, 10:38 PM
results as of july 19th 2017. at this time i can get a "non operable" title from DMV, however once it is running i still will have to go thru this all over again, had a long talk with "expert" at dmv, she suggested that i wait until i have it running and then get title, the issue of the VIN is no longer a issue the inspectors have accepted the original willy's data plate for the VIN, and since getting a non operable title really does not advance me any i will wait