View Full Version : I need help identifying my willys

08-31-2017, 02:49 PM
Can someone help me id this Willy's truck it is a 59 and I may need a engine

09-01-2017, 07:28 AM
Looks like someone smacked her in the teeth!

The official version of truck configuration says that the flat windshield was a 1960 change - but it could have been a 1960 model year, bought in 1959. Configuration management wasn't a strong point of building Jeeps. If it fits, bolt it on.

Depending on actual year, engine could have been flathead 6 "Super Hurricane" or it was a '62 or later, a overhead-cam 6-230.

09-01-2017, 04:39 PM
That makes no sense it's titel says 59 the engine is a over head 230 I'm going to check the VIN many it's the Rong titel because of the over head 6 so it might be from the 60s with wrong titel what year do you think it is it is supposed to be all original except snow plow hookup

09-02-2017, 07:07 AM
Well, welcome to the confusing world of Jeeps.

It is not at all uncommon for titles not to match what we see in the actual hardware.

Is there a VIN plate on the truck? The most common place is on the firewall. What is the serial number of the truck - does it match the title (another not uncommon happening)? KWAS has a good list of serial numbers in the front of the catalog, but even those are not always exact. My S/N said I had a '49, but by a lot of different characteristics, it was probably a late '48.

The 6-230 OHC could (?) have been a replacement for the L-head 6 ....

As we often say - what you see is what you have. Trust only your own eyes, grasshopper.

09-02-2017, 10:32 PM
The plate is in the crazyest place it's on the seat base on the driver side the serial number is 55278. 11488 it matches titel

09-04-2017, 07:09 AM
I went and asked Mr. Google - he has an opinion on most everything. The KWAS data base ends with 1961 model year data. Through then, the 4WD Pickup model was the 6-226 engine version, model 55268.

I went to:


and found that in 1962 the Model 55278 was introduced (probably calendar year 1961), but no note as to whether the 6-230 was an option or standard. Serial numbers for model 55278 started with 55278-10001, so you are about 1490 trucks into production.

Pretty good bet that with that model number and, if it has an OHC engine - the 1959 was someone's best guess when they titled it.

Oh, by the way - what's that sitting behind it? Looks like another Jeep - maybe a parts source.....

09-05-2017, 05:43 PM
It's my buddy's he is making it into a snow plow it's believed to be a 56 I think he is correct I tried buying it but failed he sold me mine Wich u seen thanks for the info the other one has a hurricane 4 with a tractor pto not original has winch but is not restorable it's too bad off he is just putting a shovel on it