View Full Version : TJ TerraFlex on a Willys Wagon. Anybody installed similar? Any Ideas or guidance?

Joe Brancato
10-26-2017, 09:25 AM
I have access to a TJ Jeep with a Terraflex suspension. I'm considering installing it into my 49-ish Willys Wagon. It's either that, or a new set of leaf springs from a Wagoneer. I'm decent with a welder, grinder, etc. and have done many modifications to my CJ2A (Small block, T98, OD axles swaps, Reverse Shackles, etc., but has anyone ever installed one of these type of coil spring kits into an older Willys? The kit says 23 hours to install into a TJ (that is already set up for coil). I'm wondering what it would be like to adapt it to a vehicle that is under-slung. I'm wondering how difficult this will be, or will it only be time consuming? Obviously I'll have to also purchase the spring mounts that go on the body and the axles. Anything else (besides shocks) that I'm missing?

Anyone know how it will handle with 35" tires? I'm old-school, so this 3-link vs. 4 link is something I'm gathering information.

I'm a bit concerened this may be a tough project for me. (losing my confidence, or accepting my limitations)

Comments? What-out-fors? Ideas? Any guidance is appreciated.

10-26-2017, 11:26 AM
A good reference would be on the Old Willys Forum. Look at the Grand Willys Project. He took a Willys truck, and converted the frame to accept a Grand Cherokee suspension. He had to use the original frame rails due to Australian auto registration laws. It is a good thread, because he goes pretty much step by step. It will give you a good idea of what it takes. One thing that he did was to widen the chassis to match the dimensions of the Cherokee. Now the track width of the TJ may be closer to what you want with your wagon.