View Full Version : 6-226 Super Hurricane Replacement

01-04-2018, 02:35 PM
Is it possible to replace my 6-226 engine for something new (or newer) without having to change the drivetrain?

01-04-2018, 02:54 PM
The options are pretty much unlimited. The stock drivetrain can handle a stock configured V-8 with little issue, depending on intended use. My wagon has been upgraded to a sbc 350 since the early eighties, at least. The remainder of the original drive train was left alone. It all works well, but could use an overdrive to reduce the cruising RPM, and top speed (55 mph @ 3,400 rpm). There is enough room after the original six is removed to install a V-8 with on a slight modification to the body. With some after market headers, then there might not even need to adjust the clearance on the passenger side body seam, (near tunnel in picture. Seam folded over). The motor mounts were changed to a flat mount, and the front cross member was adjusted for the crank pulley clearance. A Saginaw power steering gear was installed on the driver's side frame horn, to make more clearance.