View Full Version : Oil Filter Canister Question for 1959 Willys Jeep Pickup L6-226

01-04-2018, 05:12 PM
Hi, Im starting this rebuild project and recently changed the engine oil and oil filter in the canister (Fig 1). The original Filter (Fig 2) is metal and the top & bottom holes are rounded out and the filter is loose around the canister center tube in my mind allowing oil to bypass the filter.

The replacement filter recommended (Fram type C3) Fig 3 has a very nice tight fit as it is slide down onto the canister center tube.

But no oil is draining out the bottom of the canister. How does filtered oil get inside the canister center tube so that it drains out the bottom of the canister and into the engine block/oil pan?

I cant find any holes along the side of the canister center tube. And the top opening of the canister center tube is effectively blocked by the canister lid bolt when the lid is secured on.

Can someone help? What am I missing here? How is the oil leaving the canister, entering the center tube, to get to the bottom hose leading back to the engine?