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05-29-2018, 10:34 PM
hello can someone tell me when solex stoped putting their name on their carbs /my 20 year old solex has it on two places top and side/i don't see it on any of the newer carbs/thanks Art

51 CJ3
05-30-2018, 05:10 PM
I would guess somewhere in the confusion below (from Wikipedia):

1905: The company was created by Maurice Goudard and Marcel Mennesson, both graduates of the École Centrale Paris.
1973: the carburetor division is taken over by Matra, and later by Magneti Marelli, then by Renault and Motobécane in 1974.
1983: Motobécane is bought by Yamaha and becomes MBK.
1988: production in France, at Saint-Quentin, ends.
Circa 2001 production ceased in China and restarted in France.
In June 2004, the mark "Solex" was bought by the French group CIBIÉ
In October 2005 CIBIÉ launches the e-Solex, designed by Pininfarina and produced in China (400 W brushless electric motor, 35 km/h, autonomy of 30 km)[1]
In 2009, CIBLE launches the e-Solex 2.0, a new version with a lithium polymer battery
Solex, Velosolex and Solexline are trademarks, property of SINBAR SARL
The trademark "VELOSOLEX" is the property of Velosolex America LLC who markets the Velosolex worldwide.

05-30-2018, 06:18 PM
In my opinion, money well spent is on a Carter carb. If you have an older Solex, and it has been a good carb, then it would be worth a shot to try and rebuild it. My experience with Solex is it is good until you can find a good rebuild able Carter. The Solex is much like a Chevy Rochester quadrajet or a Chrysler Carter thermoquad. When they work, they are good, but when they don't, you hate life.

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