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06-09-2018, 10:49 AM
More pictures of my MB

06-09-2018, 05:44 PM
Good morning to you. You have a good looking MB. Your frame turned out really nice. The body looks good as well.

Did you use a 12 volt generator, or is that a 6 volt, with a 12 volt battery hooked up? I often wondered why one doesn't see too many folks using a 12 volt generator instead of jamming in an alternator. I suppose 12 volt generators are harder to come by.
With the fact that alternators can be purchased at any parts house, that makes sense to use them. I'll stick with the six volt generator on my 2A for now. My wagon is set up for 12 volt, but I don't like the mounts that were made for the alternator.

06-09-2018, 10:25 PM
Hello gmwillys AS far as the body goes it was trash so I went with my best friend Tim know a place in Kenton ,North Carolina that sold MB tubs. Tim has a M422 Mighty Mite, that is where he got parts for the M422. that was in 1985. that is a 6 volt generator in the picture hook up to a 12 volt battery only for testing the engine trans and transfer case. the starter motor is 6 volts also. i have never changed the starter motor it has started that engine for 11 years had no trouble at all with the starter motor. my dad told me i could use the start motor because they had to use bigger wire to start the engine from the 6 volt system. I did change too a 12 volt system, after having trouble with the 6 volt system.

06-10-2018, 04:19 AM
hello gmwillys the wiring was done by my friend Tim he was very good at it. my old friend Tim died of canser in April 2015 I miss my old friend, Tim rest in peace my old friend he was 58 years old we are the same age. I will be 62 this year, 32 years as a welder and fabricator. the picture you seen on my post I done all the work on this jeep. the engine was rebuilt because of a piston slap. my friend was a pro racing engine builder he bored the engine out .0030, head was warped so he shaved it down flat, work on the connecting rods,the pistons,when he was done I had a L head 134 cu in Pro Racing Engine,he did every thing to my little 134 that he did to the pro racing engines. i went and got the engine took it home and put the engine back together ,boy it purred like a kitten. as far as the rest of the jeep parts i tore them apart and rebuilt them. all of it was done this way. oil pressure 60 psi. I have not driven this jeep in 20 years. Iam to going to post a pict. of tim and his wife (tim no shirt) a pict. of me and tims wife. pict. of my jeep AS of Memorial Day 2018

06-11-2018, 06:23 AM
My condolences on the passing of Tim. From the pictures, he was a talented builder. It will be a fitting memorial to Tim's memory to get your MB back in shape. Tim's Mighty Mite looked good. I never have had the chance to look at one close. The aluminum body would be fun to work with.

My '46 CJ2A has a similar back story. It was purchased from a local gentleman who had a yard full of surplus military gear, back in 1986. The engine was suffering from extreme oil usage, so the owner was ready to send it down the road. We drove it home, killing mosquitos as we went. The Jeep sat in the garage, mostly in storage for many years. In the late nineties, my Grandfather talked Dad out of the Jeep for use around his farm. Being the farmer that he was, he couldn't stand to have a piece of equipment sitting around, and not being productive, he brought the Jeep into his workshop and tore into the engine. He found that one of the pistons had a hole burned through the piston. He had a friend at the local machine shop, and was able to find a replacement piston. A new set of rings, and a check of the bearings, and the Jeep was running like new. My Grandfather passed away in 2002. I purchased the Jeep from my Grandmother for the price of the parts used. To this day, the Jeep runs like a top. It is our parts and grocery getter.

The six volt starter will handle the extra voltage without issue. Kaiser Willys does have a gear reduction 12 volt starter, but I like the sound of the old starter. Your Dad was correct. The six volt starters do run heavier wire. When the starting circuit is working correctly, there is a lot more torque generated within a six volt system.