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06-15-2018, 08:59 PM
I have a 1950 CJ3A that is having some cooling issues. I just my new girl home, i’ve Run it around no issues. The third trip, the temp soared and after it cooled down I removed the thermostat housing and the thermostat was gone. So I purchase a new one, check the install procedure, spring down, bevel up. She is still getting hot, the heater hoses are even steaming. Feels like no coolant moving in the top return. Any advice, thanks.

06-16-2018, 07:40 AM
Well, there aren't a lot of things in the cooling loop.

Pull the lower radiator hose and pour water through the radiator to get an idea if it is plugged. I can remember one time my Dad had the top tank pulled off the original radiator in the '48 and the shop had a little piece of metal that cleaned out the cores- "rodding the cores".

Check for a collapsed hose.

It is not beyond possible that the water pump isn't anymore.

She's 68 years old - things happen.

Post a picture and let us know what you find.

06-21-2018, 05:52 PM
I pulled the lower we had some flow, did a flush. That improved it some. The water pump is new, so after the flush I took her out for some drive time. It seems to have improved a little. But it still got hot on a Sunday afternoon drive. So I pulled the radiator, taking it in for a core change. I did order a new 160 thermostat, I understand that it gets installed in the housing with the spring down and the retainer goes next with the bevel edge up? thanks

06-21-2018, 10:29 PM
You are correct on the configuration of the thermostat. The retainer spacer goes on top, with the spring of the thermostat going in the head.

The last time I took a radiator to have it flushed, it didn't come back all that clean. The shop had been working radiators for us forever. They said that the environmental goons had made them start using chemicals that were not as effective in eating the gunk from within the core. Same way with parts washer solvents, and carb cleaners. None of it is any good. Replacing the core will be your best case solution to your overheating problems.