View Full Version : Ham's '48; Air Cleaner Project

06-16-2018, 08:05 AM
I'm still fussing with the plumbing around the air cleaner - you never run out of little things to look into.

The version of F-134 I have has the crankcase draft tube - it dribbles on the floor and I've learned to just put a piece of cardboard under it.

My oil fill tube has the little spout for the hose to the air cleaner like the fill tube on the L-134 with the PCV valve. On engines with the draft tube and the oil fill cap, does the hose to the air cleaner/carburetor really do anything? Was there a hose there originally?

In the attached picture of someone else's truck, there isn't even an oil fill tube on the side of the engine.

Update, 19 June:

Interesting how you find answers when you least expect them.

I originally posted this early on Saturday morning, 16 June. Later that morning I took the '48 to the Hoagland (Indiana) Days Parade. As I waited in the field to get started, a gentleman came by and we started talking old Jeep trucks.

He had brought his Dad's truck to the parade, a 1950 Model 473 4-WD with the original F-134 engine. (As we swapped stories he said that in its day back in North Dakota, it had wooden side boards and they would load about 60 bushels of wheat on it and make a run to the grain auger drop. That's about 3600 pounds an a 2100 pound rated truck).

Anyway, we looked at his engine setup which he claimed was original. It looks like the second photo in the attached pair. His truck, an early F-134, has the tall oil fill tube, but there is no little spout/vent on it. There is just a flex hose to the air cleaner horn (same shape as the one in the picture and on my truck).

As of now, the answer is that there does not need to be a vent line to the air inlet on early F-134's that have the crankcase draft tube. It makes for a simpler setup on the right side of the engine. My air cleaner is correct for the L-134 originally installed in the truck, but the domed cleaner would be the right one for an F-134. That's getting really picky.....