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02-24-2019, 01:44 AM
Hi to all. Even in this FREEZING winter that we are having in Montana, I am making progress with my wagon (a bit slow but progress).

I am about a week from lifting the body off the frame and I have a question to boost my confidence that my lifting points will not damage the body. I have no idea what a wagon body weighs so I am taking a guess that this will be ok. Take a look at the attached pics. I am lifting the front where the finders bolt to the body (using all 3 bolt holes) and the tail-gate stops in the back (2 bolts).

Please let me know if there are better lifting points.

Thanks for you input.



02-24-2019, 10:47 AM

When I pulled the body off of our wagon, I used the holes on the front body mounts to run a chain to. The rear I used the crossmember that the fuel tank mounts to,(forward mount). There are some pictures in the gallery of the body coming off. Now, the rear body of our wagon was junk, so I wasn't going to do any more damage then what the rust had done already. The body is heavy. If you use your tail gate stops, I would consider adding support to prevent the sides from wanting to deform. I don't know what condition your body is in to start with, but if it is rusty, then you may want to go to a more structural pick points. The fender mounts are not a very strong point. The nuts are pressed in, and will not withstand the weight of the body. The nuts may hold, but at least I would be concerned about distortion of the cowl.