View Full Version : 1957 Willys Pickup named Florence

03-15-2019, 06:00 PM

Was originally red. Been removing mods and trying to figure all the original wiring and functions. One mystery is that the defrost cable goes nowhere. I think there is something missing off the end of the heater box? ducts and a flap that goes to the openings for defrost under the windows?

I used to have a 1944 MB I nearly fully restored so I am not quite a novice (a few body issues were left). But tackling the disassembly and reassembly of the Warn hubs to get to the brakes will be a challenge. Any Central New Mexicans that would like to help will be fed and given beer......

03-15-2019, 07:38 PM
I for one like the color your truck is now. I'll try and go through my pictures in the morning to see if I have detailed photos of the heater for our wagon. If not, I'll have to pull the heater down off the shelf to get some pictures in the afternoon. If memory serves me, there is one cable that goes under the hood for the door at the heater box intake. This is for outside air from the grill opening under the headlight. Then there is one inside for defrost or floor.

03-15-2019, 08:27 PM
Looking at your photo, you have a newer style of Warn locking hub. Remove the Allen screws around the dial, (chrome ring). The screws are long enough to allow the spring to relax enough to where there isn't any tension remaining. Take two of the Allen screws and install them back into the center section of the locking mechanism, one across from the other. This will help to extract the mechanism without having to pry on anything. Next, there is a outside snap ring around the end of the axle stub in the center. Take note that it isn't unusual to be missing the before mentioned snap ring, being that in some cases the original stock axle was cut off to install the lock out hubs. Not a huge deal unless you are going to be a hard core off roader. Now, there is an inside snap ring that is on the inside of the housing for the lock out hub. The ring has a gap in it that an O ring pick can be used to work the snap ring out of the groove. After the snap ring is removed, the center mechanism can be slid out using the two Allen screws. After that the outer housing can then be removed.

Loosen the brake shoes adjuster, (2) on the lower back side of the backer plate. This will retract the shoes to allow for brake drum clearance.
Now you have to remove the lock nut on the center spindle, then remove the locking washer. The second nut will remove the preload off the bearings. This will also be a good time to repack the bearings and inspect/replace the seals. If the drums are in need of being replaced, you can check out a great source of Willys rebuilding information on YouTube. Look at Metal shaper, and Willy's axle rebuilding.