View Full Version : Detroit U-Joints; Again

09-12-2019, 11:17 AM
I need a helping hand from the Jeepster community.

The 1946 through 1950 2-wheel drive trucks and the 46–51 Jeepsters shared Detroit universal joints. They may or may not have been the same U-joints. There has been an ongoing mystery concerning the U-joint boots (dust covers) for the 2WD trucks; are they the same boots as used on the Jeepster joints?

In the ’48 Jeep Trucks Parts List, the part breakouts are as follows:

Kit, Universal Joint Willys P/N 117164

The “boot” is identified as:

Cover and Clamps, dust Willys P/N 649174

I would appreciate it of someone with a Jeepster Parts List would check on the U-joint part number and the dust cover part number and see if I need to chase something different?


10-25-2019, 05:23 PM
After looking at onalaska53PU's Timken, I did some looking at an old exploded drawing of the axle. It is a tapered pinion shaft. On yours there is a flange on the pinion and then the Detroit flange and joint assembly. If you could find that tapered yoke this gets easy. Just remove the flange for the Detroit and install the Spicer style. That makes the rest real easy to convert. I attached a screen shot of the Spicer Tapered hole style end yokes. If you had any way to check dimensions, I wonder if one of these is it?