View Full Version : Diagram of all zerks that need grease on an M38A1?

07-23-2020, 04:30 PM
New to the forum. I've been up under my jeep and read some of the sticky's about which grease to use where, but does anyone have a diagram of all the locations of the zerks on an M38A1? 1952?

07-23-2020, 05:56 PM
GO ask Mrs. Google to find a copy of this tech manual. It tells you a LOT about your vehicle.


Look at about page 59 and following. There is about a day's work there and you will need package or so of new ZERK fittings.

Good luck!

07-24-2020, 08:25 AM
We have what you need right here! There are a ton of grease Zerks under there.



07-24-2020, 11:09 AM
Another possible use for the ROG. A neighbor got under mine and pointed out three of them that hadn't been touched. I have a manual rendering that shows all 500 of the dang things and still missed those ones. This guy wasn't even older than dirt, just knew which ones people normally overlook. You know that sinking feeling you get when someone puts a finger on some part, sort of taps at it, says "you might want to look at this here" lol

Carson Childs
08-03-2020, 02:50 AM
Nice! Thanks, bmorgil! I'll be bookmarking those links. Might come in handy one of these days.