View Full Version : Speedi Sleeve for MB Axle

04-12-2021, 11:35 AM
All I am looking for experience on use of Speedi Sleeves on a worn axle on a 1941 MB front axle (size 1.191"). 1). Specifically did it work? 2). What company and size did you use?

04-12-2021, 12:53 PM
You can use the SKF chart attached, or there are some others on line for the correct sleeve. It should be a 99118. The best price almost always seems to come from Rock Auto on those things. I use have used and have recommended spedi-sleeves (wear sleeves) for decades. Yes they work and work well. Proper installation is imperative. I usually press them on as opposed to driving them on. You will need to make a tool to press the sleeve on to your axle shaft. You could try 2" PVC pipe or something similar and turn the I.D. to size.if you need to. Always fill a deep grove with liquid metal first. Currently I have sleeves on a few components in my jeep, including on the axle seal surface.



The sleeve will work well on the inner axle seal surface you have shown in your picture. That being said the sleeve will not repair a bearing surface.

04-12-2021, 02:03 PM
Just like Bmorgil said, Speedy sleeves have saved the day on a lot of worn seal surfaces. Now a bearing surface a sleeve will not work, because the sleeve would not withstand the press fit of a bearing.