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03-05-2013, 01:43 PM
Anyone used the Kaiser Willys overhaul kit (http://www.kaiserwillys.com/product/57/willys-jeep-engine-complete-overhaul-kits-parts-accessories) for the GoDevil L-134? Any caveats about using it? Suggestions?

I've been very tempted to pull the trigger on getting this kit - it looks comprehensive - but can't get over the feeling that I'm missing something important.

1948 Cal Willys Pickup
03-06-2013, 09:35 AM
Sorry cant help you on that one.

03-06-2013, 11:58 AM
FWIW, I just had a couple of conversations - one with the Kaiser Willys rep and one with a friend of mine (a mechanic).

The Kaiser rep said that the overhaul kit needs to have accurate measurements for the bearings, etc. and have the block magnafluxed (is that a verb?). All very good advice. Also, in case you were wondering (I was), it's not a good idea to have the block sandblasted but rather hot-tanked. In retrospect it seems like it should have been a "duh!" moment, because bits of sand get into the block and never come out. I guess I was just a bit over-enamored with sand-blasting after the fantastic results on my frame. :)

My friend went a bit further with the details. I wish I could remember it all, because it was pretty involved. Effectively the preparation for the overhaul - if you haven't done it before (and I haven't) and don't have all the equipment necessary to make sure everything is "true" - can take a long time. And, you can run the risk of irreparably damaging the engine, whose tolerances are very slim (practically nil in some cases).

And that's before the actual overhaul. What you see in the kit is what you need after you do all that prepwork.

The question becomes, then, how much do you want to rebuild an engine on top of everything else. For me, I think that I might outsource this. I have enough to do to rebuild this Jeep as it is, and I'd hate to mess up the engine (which did run when I bought it; I'd hate to think that I screwed it up trying to 'fix' it).

Kaiser Willys also has the ability to rebuild the engine (http://www.kaiserwillys.com/product/2373/willys-jeep-engine-complete-overhaul-kits-parts-accessories) which, while much more expensive, it may actually be cheaper than the DIY method of prepping the block (from what I've been told).

Anyway, thought I'd share what I'd learned.

1948 Cal Willys Pickup
03-06-2013, 10:36 PM
Thanks for sharing that its good info. I had come to the conclusion awhile back that someone else is rebuilding my motor. 2 people have almost talked me into doing it myself but I really dont have their expierience and I want it to be done right. I think in the long run for me it will probably save me money.

03-06-2013, 11:55 PM
Yeah, that was one of 2 reasons for me too. The other was the fact that I'm starting to get antsy - I really want to drive it!

One of the things I learned in my research, btw, is that it's a good idea to ask when the warranty - if one exists (like it does on the Kaiser rebuild) - begins. That is, does it start when you fire it up, or when it's finished being rebuilt. If it's the latter, it makes sense to hold off on getting the engine done until it's one of the last things to do, because it makes very little sense to eat up the warranty time sitting outside the Jeep while you finish the rest of it...

Nemo von Klepper
03-07-2013, 01:43 AM
Great thread! I learned a lot in just a couple of posts. Any word on what KW charges for a rebuild? I'm presently having a used engine put into my 3b, (outsourced) but I'd like to probably get it rebuilt one day.

1948 Cal Willys Pickup
03-08-2013, 05:31 PM
Really good point with the warranty. I am holding off now for a bit. I already did all my moc ups with the motor in. I will get all the rest of the stuff taken care of and wait on the motor. The only thing that I didnt moc up was the exhaust but I will need to motor in reagardless so that is no big deal.

03-09-2013, 10:34 AM
Great thread! I learned a lot in just a couple of posts. Any word on what KW charges for a rebuild? I'm presently having a used engine put into my 3b, (outsourced) but I'd like to probably get it rebuilt one day.

So far I've found this page for the rebuilding part. They need a core. I don't know if that means that you can just send them your engine as is or if they expect you to dissassemble it yourself, though (yet; I have to call and find out).


03-11-2013, 06:02 PM
I had mine rebuilt at a shop and have never regreted it, but a word of caution, I'd find someone who know Willys motors.:D