View Full Version : Strong odor of Gasoline after a drive???

03-26-2013, 10:52 AM
Maybe some of you have experienced this problem. After I start and run my motor for more then 5 minutes I have a really strong gasoline odor? Here are my vehicle's particulars:
1952 M38. It has the original L134 engine with a rebuilt Carter carborator. I have an in-line fuel filter between the fuel tank and fuel pump.
What happens is I'll start the Jeep and take it out for a drive. When I return home and park it in the garage the gasoline odor lasts for about 12 hours. I think there might be unburned fuel laying in the intake manifold? I'm wondering if a Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator Item #: 12804 might solve my problem? I realize I might have a carb problem too does anyone have any experience with this?