View Full Version : M38 questions on 1951 early M38 s/n 24707 on dash plate.

04-26-2013, 02:17 PM
My M38 was apart when I received it and came with no engine (I134). With the jeep I also got two F134 engines (OHV) which are questionable. I do not intend to use these engines, but may strip them for parts for the M38? This is a early jeep s/n 24707 on the dash plate and was mfd 5/51. No number on the hood. The jeep appears to have three coats of paint on it, OD, white, and gray as a finish coat. Came with the propper bell housing, trans, and transfer
case but these got rained on as parts were left outside. The body seems good with the usual rust spots under the floor at the hat sections.

I do have the "M38 Reference Guide" manual which is a great book. If your restoring a M38 you need this manual. I did not find anything in the book on a steering wobble shock which my jeep has on it. This is the shock mounted on the steering to get prevent your steering wheel from moving back and forth when your crossing the railroad tracks. This shock is attached to the front frame reinforcing plate where the letter M is stamped on the passenger side and then to the bellcrank steering assy. (has the two holes for the winch). It looks like a gov. modification?

Will need a I134 engine in the future.
Any info on my M38 project will be appreiated.

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04-26-2013, 11:01 PM
I don't think its original and was probably added down the line somewhere. If you are taking your M38 off road it might be nice to keep. M38 are cool looking little trucks but there are a lot of accessories that go with them that add up if you are doing a full on resto. If you are just planning a simple rebuild to get it back on the road or off the road the sky is the limit. First determine what you think you want to do. Your mind will probably change at some point. Take a look at cost of what you want then see if you can afford it. If not maybe revamp your plans to accommodate something you can afford and slowly bring the M38 back to original if thats your plan. Most of all have fun with her.

04-28-2013, 09:54 PM
Thanks much for your reply. I got this M38 because I rode in these in Korea back in 51. I also have a 1951 L19 Birddog aircraft that I restored in 2009. These were used in Korea at the same time.

I am in Southern California just south of L.A.