View Full Version : 1949 Willys Station 4x463, Stolen engine and drive train,Trying to solve the a crime.

09-04-2013, 01:49 PM
Trying to solve a crime of the "switch-a-rue" need technical data.

The engine is an F4-134 I believe, casing number #806279-W-13-D-AR CU CR. This engine number (#130070) is stamped on the engine block above the water pump. Can anyone please tell me as to what year and vehicle this motor came out of. My understanding is that this stamped number tells you the year and model the engine was originally installed.

And if you know the answer to the above, than perhaps you may also know what would have been the engine casing number of the originally installed L4-134 engine and stamped engine number in a 1949 Willys Station Wagon 4x4.

Your assists would be greatly appreciated.

Randall Thomas Vonleuthardt
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