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  1. 1948 Jeepster 4 bolt main 350 (Running engine)
  2. Thread: 1948 Jeepster

    by Martys48

    1948 Jeepster
  3. Need information: installing new wood bows on '48 Jeepster

    Trying to replace the wood bows on my '48 Jeepster top. The old wood was completely rotted off, so I don't have a reference to work from. If anybody has installation info. I would be most grateful...
  4. Thank you for your comment...It has been one...

    Thank you for your comment...It has been one helluva project. Currently working on replacing the Bows and top. If anyone has any information on installing the new wood bows, I would greatly...
  5. Munsey 4 speed out of an old Camaro 8" Ford rear...

    Munsey 4 speed out of an old Camaro
    8" Ford rear end
    Thanks for the "hate" lol!
  6. Could use some help on rebuilding a Planar front end on my '48 Jeepster...

    Hello there...
    I have been working on my 1948 Jeepster for just about a year now. I am doing ALL of the work myself (Yes, ALL of it!). However, this is my first experience with a Planar front end...
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    VIN Locations on '48 Jeepster??

    :confused:Any help with regard to VIN Locations on a '48 Jeepster would be greatly appreciated. The only identifier I found is a badly corroded unattached original aluminum Serial Number tag. The...
  8. '48 Jeepster Custom Restoration (in Progress)

    After years of trying to buy this '48 Jeepster, I finally got the owner to sell it to me! I drove past the field where it sat buried in weeds uncovered and deteriorating for numerous years and I...
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