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  1. Jasper Engine & Transmission for Engine Rebuild [Remanufacturing] L134

    Has anyone used the subject company in Jasper, IN to rebuild an L134? I am ready to pull the motor in my 45 MB and let them do the job. I would like to know what your experience was with Jasper...
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    Seeking Experienced F134 Engine Rebuilders

    New owner of a 1945 MB.
    Cylinder compression on the F134 is 90 - 80 - 60 - 90#
    Is there a shop in the Southeast US that specializes in rebuilding Willys motors? Does KWAS LLC in Aiken have a...
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    Thanks Friend.

    Thanks Friend.
  4. Oil - How Much and what weight? / Low compression on #3

    I just bought a 45MB, fairly original.
    Engine compression is 1-90, 2-80, 3-60, 4-90#.
    I'm hoping it is just carbon on the valves and will try cleaning with SeaFoam first.
    I could not even find the...
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    New owner - Oil question

    Hello from Oak Island, NC
    I always wanted a Jeep and golf carts are lame so I bought a pretty original 45 MB. Mechanically anyway... it was painted a pretty blue by a previous owner.
    I have the...
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